Where to be for the Parade

There are a number of public parks dotted along the course.

Favourite locations are The Wharf Mooloolaba, Charles Clarke Park, Penny Lane Park, Fisherman’s Car Park (next to the Volunteer Coast Guard), La Balsa Park, Kawana Waters Hotel deck.

Please use public transport wherever you can to reduce road congestion. This is a community event – so please, pick up your rubbish and take it away with you – this way you help make the evening fun for everyone and you do your little bit to help keep the Sunshine Coast free of rubbish !

The parade starts at 6.30pm in front of The Wharf Mooloolaba. The course for 2017 is –

  • Mooloolah Island to round a laid buoy.
  • Then past Minyama Island. Up the Kawana canal to Lawrie’s Marina to round a laid buoy.
  • Then head down the canal and turn towards La Balsa Park to round a laid buoy.
  • Then back to The Wharf Mooloolaba for loop past the complex.
  • Back for a second time to La Balsa Park to round the laid buoy.
  • Finally, head back to cruise past the Wharf Mooloolaba for judging.